Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moral of the Story

Yesterday Ellis had two baths. The first bath was for his photo shoot. We wanted him to look picture perfect! The second was for fun....baths are a great way to kill some time in a baby's world. I have a great tub that I take to the grandparents' houses when they babysit, not because I want them to bath Ellis, but because it is fun for him.

Today Ellis had another bath...this was not needed, nor was it for fun...this bath was an emergency! Ellis was playing and having a great time while I was checking my email. As most of his independent play times end, he started his normal fusing. I waited a bit longer until the partial whining became crying and then picked him up and took him to the changing table. He had that certain smell so I knew that I was changing a dirty is just that normally when you change a dirty diaper you expect to just wipe a butt. When I saw poop up to his shoulders I switched from the changing table to the sink....we needed an emergency bath!

Moral of the Story: Try not to let your baby poop in a jumper...with each jump comes new heights!