Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Ear Infections Do Not Slow Me Down

January has been a lovely month, busy as usual. Skiing and hiking have been fun. Hair cuts, not so much! We have gone on our first official bike ride as a family...and we all loved it! It has been my goal to be a biking family for a long time, so when we finally got the gear I was so nervous I would not like it...but I did. Thank God, because William is not a fan of spending money on stuff and never using it:). We have only gone once though, because lately the days that are not rainy are windy and cold. Hopefully we can go again soon. My cute little boy has had a runny nose, cough and ear infection for the majority of the month. He is feeling a little better and since ear infections are not contagious I have been able to still have somewhat of a life. Please do not picture a "sick in bed" Ellis! This Ellis still gets around...his favorite thing to do is stick his head out the dog door. His second favorite thing to do is walk around with two lighters (the kind that bend). We have put a stop to this habit because he is getting smarter and we don't want a fire in the Hawks' Nest! Lastly Ellis is way in to throwing things down the toilet. Toilet paper rolls, balls, magazines, and toilet paper just to give you an idea. My days are full of timing how long I have to get something done before I have to go check on Ellis. He is not one to sit and play with toys...he is always into something other than what we have provided for him. For example why play with a toy hammer that lights up, when there are electrical outlets all over the house. Why play IN the gigantic tent set up in my room when I can play IN the trash. Why watch cartoons when I can throw decorations off of shelves. Why push a toy lawn mower, when I can clean out the pantry! WHY? While typing this I am sure he is getting a lot accomplish...he already brought me toilet was streaming across the house. Life with a child is blessed.....all these crazy events and we still want more....I think William and I are geared for parenting (so far at least).