Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost A Big 4 Months!

I was walking with my mother in law today and she asked me about professional pictures...I told her I was going to wait until 4 months...she pointed out that 4 months is next week!

Four months next week-wow!

This month has flown by. Ellis is now a supported sitter and I have been reading about adding rice cereal to his diet. He smiles and laughs all the time. Everyone makes making Ellis smile a goal when they are near him. We enjoy reading and playing with new toys everyday. He is still a little guy as far as weight goes...pray that he gains weight and that all is well in his little body. He sleeps for five or six hours at night and we all love every minute of that trend. I had a proud mom moment when I framed several pictures of Ellis and displayed them around our house.

Today we had a big "Praise God" moment... I tripped and fell with Ellis in my hands on tile floor. It was horrible but Ellis was ok. I have bruised knees, but I can live with that. We are so thankful Ellis is alright.