Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crazy Christmas

Christmas has been super crazy in the Hawk house.

Starting with...Decorating our tree twice. I tried to trim up some limbs and cut a wire too! Here is the finished product, but I have to say I thought the first time around was prettier.Here are some more decorations. It does my heart good to see 3 stockings...what a blessing adding Ellis to our family has been. I prayed for a long time to get to have three stockings. Now I am praying for 4!!! Oh and I can explain the black angels, just ask!

Then I lost my wallet....boooo! I have been replacing everything slowly, but surely. I got a new camera and got right to work, I had been missing shots like these...

Then my best friend had her baby at 26 weeks....Meet the very tiny and very amazing Mckinley Faith Jones...and don't just meet her; pray for her too! Steaks came in the mail for a Christmas gift. Believe it or not the dry ice was the boys favorite part!

Then we went to Fantasy In blew Ellis away! Ellis was in a mini was cold outside, but he loved hanging out the window (and he didn't see the value in keeping on his hat and gloves....shame on him and shame on his momma)!
Last but not least, we visited Santa....he was a big fan....until we made him sit in his lap!
Overall, we have a lot to be thankful for despite the craziness...
Merry Christmas---Love~~~ The Hawks