Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Duggar Day

I had a great day today spending time in Atlanta at the Chick-fil-a Headquaters with a family I adore..The Duggars. Thanks to my super sweet cousins Alan and his wife Danielle I got the "celebrity " hook up. I got an invitation from Alan to go up to Atlanta to help with his special guests. I got to help them make their plates at lunch and then got to hang out with them all afternoon while we toured the headquarters. It was a huge blessing to meet this family and the whole day I was freaking out on the inside that they were right in front of me and that they were a sweet christian family just like I see on their show.

Some highlights from my day included...
  • Passing out name tags and saying over and over, "It is nice to meet you in person and not on my TV".
  • Helping Jackson get all the food he wanted for lunch, so cute and sweet!
  • Getting Jennifer and Jordyn their food and drinks.
  • Eating lunch and talking to Jinger and Jason...both were so polite and fun to talk to.
  • Having Anna try to talk me in to natural child birth, she is an expert after having her baby at home at the last minute...she told me one of the producers ran to Wal-Mart to buy a scale to weigh the baby with.
  • Listening to all the children sing a beautiful song on a short bus ride.
  • Playing with Jordyn and making sure she didn't hurt herself...she is a runner not a walker!
  • Talking with Joy Anna and noticing she still had a lot of little girl in her, precious!
Overall this family was a joy to meet and I am thankful for a rare opportunity to spend time with them and to be blessed by them in person!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Hawk....Boy or Girl?

This time around baby is a .....

The first picture shows off his man parts and his curled up leg. The second picture is another man part picture and the third is his little back; he is curled up facing moms back. Now that we know the sex we are working hard to figure out a name for this little fellow, nothing final yet! Looks like Ellis has a new best friend!!!