Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chicken Coop Progress

William worked all day Saturday and here is what he got accomplished...Cute, huh? Little glass windows and all...

This picture is a little blurry, but the box in the back is where we will get the eggs from. Still a lot of work to do before they can move in, but defiantly not as much as there was...over half way there....Hippie lifestyle here we come:) Will would prefer: Farmer lifestyle here we come!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chicks and Hockey

Last week we got free tickets to go to a Columbus Hockey Game. We had amazing seats and they were safe enough for me not to freak out that a puck was going to hit Ellis. Ellis was in shock 90% of the time. Everything was a new experience for him. Will also had a freak out moment when every player on the ice started fighting. In the end there was only a bunch of gear laying there on the ice. It was a fun first game for Ellis and I left thinking I could handle all boys and no little girls. I had a blast watching Ellis and
I watched a movie recently called Food, Inc. It made me think...that is for sure! After thinking I decided that if we had a small chicken coop that it would put a small dent in the chicken industry that was so horrible to watch in the movie. So when Will got home I told him that I wanted to get chickens...within an lie...he was building!
Since then all of his free time has been preparing for our little chicks. We are getting three or four which is plenty for our small city house and city yard. This is the inside so far...

While Da Da works, Ellis spends most of his time watching from our bedroom window. Even though we live in the south it has been too cold to go outside. We are looking forward to the arrival of our chicks, but it will be even more exciting when I don't have to buy eggs at the store. Will wants to eat some of them....maybe...well see! We are also thrilled that Ellis will get to watch chicks grow and have a chore of going to get the eggs. Hope it all works out!!!