Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beloved Braves

Ellis LOVES the Braves. He loves them on TV and in person. We have been to two games this summer and have one more on the calendar this fall. He starts freaking out in the parking lot and continues to be on a "Braves high" the entire night. We only go to Friday night games because he thinks that all baseball games end with a firework show. Wouldn't want to break his heart, so we have to go when there are fireworks.:) He will gladly tell you what the Braves say, "OhhhhOhohhhhOhOhOhhhh", just ask!

He is precious to watch and having two boys and no bows is not looking so bad these days!

25 weeks out of 40...oh my!

Cotton Candy...he loved it! Thad did too:)

Watching fireworks after bedtime.

Hanging on the steering wheel, while Dad rearranged all of our Ikea purchases on the roof of the car.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Simply Summer

It has been a busy summer for the Hawk family. We started with finishing William's softball season and Shaw (Karan Anne's brother) graduating from high school. William turned 28 and Karan Anne turned 26. Ellis has become Mr. Talkitive, although we rarely know what he is blabbing about. We found out we were having another boy! We have been on two beach with our family and one with our friends. Both trips were amazing and worth every bit of energy, planning, and money it took to get us there. We have been blueberry picking as well as attending a Braves game. Even though it is hot outside we went to feed the ducks at the park, however chasing the ducks was way more fun (for Ellis).We got to see Emily (William's sister who lives in Norway) for a couple of weeks, which was a surprise and a treat. We have even officially named our second son: Thaddeus Richard Hawk. Ellis has progressed in swimming, jumping off of furniture, climbing on furniture, and "playing "potty...that is right....he just pretends to go. He also has become quite the cell phone talker, so you may get a call one day. Another huge thing that has occupied our summer is getting our new church building ready. There has been a ton of decorating, planning, ordering, trips to Ikea, and PAINTING going on. Even though we have been super busy, it has all been great. We have a lot to be thankful for!

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