Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh What A Summer!

We have had a blessed summer this year. Here are the highlights...
William completed his first seminary class(complete with an A+ and a fun time in Atl)Picking Blueberries
Thad's First Hair Cut (too soon, too soon...he was only 8 months)Picking Up Aunt Emily and Jon Petter from the Airport (lots of airplane spotting..along with Aunt Emily)Braves Game (complete with running the bases in the kid section)Beach Vacation (never a bad idea)Callaway Trip (circus, picnic,sweat,farmers market,and a run through the sprinklers in the garden)Fourth of July (thanks Fort Benning the free fun and fireworks were awesome)Spending Sweet Time with the Crazy Aunts(look mom, oh wait it is better if you look away)