Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Baby

All the Santa hype has sure been fun this Christmas. We realized early in the season that it is really getting fun with Ellis being three now. Don't worry with all the magic of Santa we are doing our best to bring it back to Jesus...we are by no means leaving him out of Christmas. We have made a tradition of reading by the Christmas tree almost every night this December. It has been sweet at times and other times we wonder why we are trying to read to a crazy one year old and an energetic three year old...but still we are fighting to keep the tradition going. Marmee (Judy) give us a Christmas book each year so we have a reason to read....otherwise what a waste.We made a visit to good ol' Peachtree Mall to see Santa...the four of us along with Ra Ra (Robin) along to see the cuteness. Cuteness did in fact occur:) Ellis had mentioned that Santa can be a little scary mainly because of his beard. However he was a champ, he got right up and talked with Santa. He told him he wanted, "a truck with a dog in the back" to which William and I are a little nervous....I have debated taking everything back and getting this random request several several times. Thad crawled/walked around viewing Santa from a distance...he stayed happy that way so we didn't force him to sit on his lap.Love it.....Christmas is getting better and better thanks to these two boys!