Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Da Da Day

Here are some reasons we love our Da Da...
  1. He takes his walk with the Lord seriously.
  2. He gets out of bed to get us water, tissue, medicine, etc. every night...multiple times.
  3. He brings intensity and excitement to EVERYTHING he does. Whether it is tying shoes, cutting tiny fingernails, sword fighting.....pretty much anything.
  4. He is a wonderful preacher. True to scripture, doesn't negate the Holy Spirit, and our favorite:not boring!
  5. We love that he hangs out with teenagers and will reply to late night texts so selflessly.
  6. He changes diapers, cooks, and does laundry regularly. In other words he is not afraid of going beyond cutting the grass.
  7. He is the ultimate handy man...he can fix almost anything.
  8. He knows tons of action heroes and what their claim to fame is, he also knows about dinosaurs and space.
  9. He apologizes.
  10. He can pack a car does he fit it all?
  11. He is not afraid of sweat, dirt, or germs. Exactly what little boys need to counteract their Momma.
  12. He is funny and smart.
  13. He works hard, makes us money, and then is smart with that money.
  14. He is a ways that count....example: he got Toy Story on Mom's phone.
  15. He recognizes his weaknesses....he is humble about them as well as tries to improve them.
  16. He makes cool noises...noises that only men can make....helicopter, kung fu, race car, spider webs shooting from your wrist, etc.

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