Monday, April 9, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Last week Thad had a hard time falling a sleep and when he finally did, I told William to go grab the camera. Nevermind all the bug bites (poor guy)...I just wanted to remember his quirky little ways. He knew if he got off the bed he would get a he stopped mid way when I flashed him the look and he acted like he was meaning to get in that position to sleep better...turns out he finally gave up and went to bed!

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bethanynicole said...

Hey Karan & Will please follow my blog. heres our story: In Middle school I was shy kind of girl who was always scared to talk to boys & Billy was Mr. Popular, all the girls loved him. I was one of those girls, But i never thought in a million years i would ever have a chance with him. January 2005 Billy was shot in the face by his best friend at the time. The shooting end up with him being a quadriplegic. Billy is unable to feel his body feel the shoulders down. Billys accident made Billy & I grow closer together. On August 29th 2010 My world changed for the best. Billy & I started dating. This man is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. He is my rock & motivation.