Saturday, September 24, 2011

Indoors During the Fall?

I never realized how much taking a walk, playing at the park, riding bikes, and going on a hike was an awesome source of family entertainment until William had his surgery. We are being forced to slow down and stop doing activities that require walking:) Here are some indoor projects we have come up with...
We have made play-dough with cornstarch and salt.
We now go to the library and we recently checked out this wonderful book.
After we read the book, we made our own version of Octopus Soup

We also built a big fort...before and after shots!

We have made shrinky fun!I made a jewelry-anniversary and birthdays...So those are some of the things we have been doing to make the most of this challenging season of life. Six weeks in a cast and six weeks in a boot is a long time, but we are trying to stay positive and stay busy....I have decided that when William can walk again we will just have to bundle up and tough through the cold this winter.

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