Friday, September 9, 2011


Today I was working on two emails...the house was calm, but active...William was a napping (in pain from his recent surgery), Ellis was playing, and Thad was playing in his crib i.e. safe and contained!
The first email was an email about CrossPointe's playgroup... completed it, then ran to check on the boys...all was well.
Second email to a new teacher in Kids' Church, she had lots of questions so I was going through answering them when it hit me...the low rumble in my house went to silence.

Anyone who has a toddler knows that quiet is awesome...a gift from God, but too quiet is very bad. Well it was too quiet.

I called out, "Ellis what are you doing?" I got up, turned around and heard him say as he ran out of their room, "I paintin Thad!"

This is what I discovered-
(I took pictures before I allowed myself to freak out because I knew I would want to remember this "funny" is not funny today day I am sure it will be a "cute toddler" memory....but today the repeated baths, wiping down most of the house, and calling poison control is still too fresh. Oh and Thad was happy with was after the scrubbing he became very unhappy)

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